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Fertility Facts

Approximately one in every six couples of reproductive age faces infertility. Although a wide variety of medical options are available to help those individuals conceive, the path can be emotionally draining, costly and can create numerous interpersonal challenges.

Many studies suggest that your emotional health is just as important as your clinical wellbeing during the evaluation and treatment process. I offer comprehensive education and psychological support to assist you and or your spouse on this important journey.

Psychological Screening

Although psychological screening is not routine for all couples undergoing Fertility treatment it may be required in certain cases. Due to the wide variety of challenges associated with third party reproduction, psychological evaluations and psychoeducation are often required for patients receiving donor eggs or sperm, and those utilizing a surrogate.

Surrogate, egg and sperm donor candidates are often required to undergo psychological screening as well. This screening is conducted to assess the following: psychological history, the individual’s current and past coping behaviors and their social support network. These assessments are also performed to ensure the candidate is not being coerced to participate in the fertility treatment process.  

Whether I am evaluating individuals/couples undergoing treatment or surrogate and gamete donor candidates I strive to provide an evaluative environment that feels comfortable and warm rather than sterile and judgmental.

Screening process:

  • The screening takes approximately 2 to 3 hours
  • It is comprised of biopsychosocial interviews and psychological assessments
  • What to bring?
    • picture identification
    • method of payment

Supportive Psychotherapy

I support couples and individuals dealing with fertility challenges and or treatment to:

  • Identify, express and address feelings of isolation, frustration, despair and shame
  • Bolster existing coping skills and develop new coping strategies to help them manage stress inducing emotions and thoughts
  • Identify ways to balance personal, professional and medical obligations

Individual Therapy

I offer individual therapy focused on addressing symptoms of anxiety, depression, loss, grief, trauma, isolation and other common responses to infertility. Addressing these symptoms and working through them can help to alleviate stress. I collaborate with my clients and support them in addressing their specific challenges, developing or bolstering healthy methods for coping and managing their stress.

Couples Therapy

For some couples, infertility and treatment can trigger marital conflict. If you and your partner are experiencing conflict in regards to treatment options, continuing treatment or other issues that fuel conflict and anxiety, couples' therapy can help. I focus on supporting couples in improving communication and discovering ways to support and nurture one another.